Oliver Reginald Tambo


  An exhibition celebrating the life and times of Oliver Reginald Tambo





For 30 years Oliver Reginald Tambo was central to the struggle against apartheid. With so many of his comrades imprisoned, he served as the key organiser, strategist, representative and father figure of the liberation movement.  A man of enormous discipline and determination, he was renowned for his compassion, and his gentle nature.

Tambo’s life was shaped by the epic struggle to free South Africa from the violent grip of the apartheid state. He faced many years of unrelenting danger and difficulty. Through all of this, he maintained an extraordinary humanity.

In a life that spanned the 20th century, Tambo spent the greater part of his time in the blood and dust of battles against apartheid as a loyal supporter and later leader of the African National Congress. Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma



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