Support the Apartheid Museum

Join the ranks of those who opposed the scourge of apartheid by supporting the Apartheid Museum. In holding a mirror up to the world, the Apartheid Museum poses the question whether the lessons learned, in striving for democracy and freedom during the turbulent but ultimately triumphant history of South Africa, are acknowledged in society at large. Racism and discrimination must be recognised wherever they exist and not be tolerated in any form, or allowed to take hold and become institutionalised as they did in South Africa.

The Apartheid Museum chronicles the rise and fall of Apartheid and a nation's ability to face the reality of the destructive force in its midst and overcome this through opposition, armed struggle and ultimately dialogue and reconciliation. It is a message for all nations in world overwhelmed by conflict, hatred and intolerance.

The words at the entrance of the Museum encapsulate the principles enshrined in the South African constitution.

Democracy, Equality, Reconciliation, Diversity, Responsibility, Respect, Freedom. These are elements on a route map to the understanding of who we are and where we have come from, essential to charting a course to where we are going.

In the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "We will have looked the beast in the eye. We will have come to terms with our horrendous past and it will no longer keep us hostage. We will cast off its shackles and, holding hands together, black and white, we will stride together into the future. And looking at our past, we will commit ourselves: Never again! Nooit weet nie! Ngeke futhi! Ge re no tlola!"

By supporting the museum, you will be subscribing to these principles and ideals and assisting us to convey these to the youth and the world at large. Join us in this quest.

Christopher Till